Trailer Speed Limits - State By State

United States and Canada

Drivers take on a huge responsibility when they hit the road, especially commercial drivers hauling trailers. Not only do they have a responsibility to their employers to deliver their goods safely and quickly to their intended destinations, but they also have a responsibility to do so while complying with all rules of the road everywhere they drive. That can be easier said than done, however, given that the rules of the road depend greatly on where the road is. Crossing state lines means commercial truck drivers may encounter different laws regarding safe driving in various legs of their journeys. Even if they do not cross state lines, the laws may change depending on whether or not the road passes through a residential or business district.

Nearly 70 percent of the large trucks involved in fatal crashes are pulling trailers. Speed is one of the largest determining factors in any traffic crash. That's why it's essential for commercial truck drivers to understand and adhere to the speed limits regarding trailers where they are at any given time. These speed limits help to ensure that drivers are not putting themselves and other motorists at risk. In many states, truck drivers hauling trailers are held to the same speed limit as regular passenger cars. Other states don't have any regulations involving speed limits that are specific to trucks with trailers. However, many states have specific speed limits for trailers that commercial drivers must observe. For example, in North Dakota, trucks with trailers must remain at 55 mph on two-lane highways unless a speed limit of 65 mph is posted.

Knowing the speed limits for trailers state by state is important for commercial truck drivers - not only to ensure that they aren't ticketed, but also to provide for their safety and the safety of other motorists. The accompanying guide details the laws for trailer speed limits in every state as well as every province in Canada. It can help drivers understand their responsibilities on the road.


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