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SHORT FORM (Non-Notification Factoring)

Minimum: $300,000 (Monthly)
Maximum: $35 Million (funding availability as you grow)
Advances: On average 90.00%
Rates: Competitive (Our objective is to beat our competition)

1 (888) 331-3839

Non-notification freight factoring is an affiliate product specifically tailored for trucking and transportation companies nationwide, the product offers flexible options to carriers based on their specific funding needs. The office that handles your local area will contact you shortly.


How Does it Work?

Client's (Your) customers pay invoices to factor's lockbox in Your name.

Notifications and checks will remain in Your name.

The client (You) will do the collections, however, should there are any collection concerns / collection history problems or if You are not doing an adequate job collecting, factor will contact You to discuss these concerns and factor will have the option (with Your knowledge) to contact Your customer and assist with collections.

Eligible trucking and transportation companies should have at least one year’s trading history, with some exceptions.

The freight factoring non-notification program offer many advantages to carriers that are seeking flexibility from their freight funding company.

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