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Changing Freight Factoring Company?


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1stTruckingFactoring and its affiliates are constantly pursuing the advancement of its freight factoring services for the betterment of its trucking and transportation clients.

If you are considering changing your freight factoring company you should know that we offer low freight factoring rates and high advances on freight bills with options and support services that are tailored specifically for truckers and companies in the trucking and transportation industry including startups.


Basic Criteria

Minimum: $5,000 (No minimums - affiliate option)
Maximum: $30 Million (funding availability as you grow)
Advances: On average 92.50% (As high as 95% on a case by case basis)
Rates: Competitive (Our objective is to beat our competition)

Other Program Features

Our freight factoring product offer affiliate options that include NO MINIMUMS, NO CONTRACTS and NON-RECOURSE, plus:

Fuel Advances
Funding Off Copies
Funding Startups