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Truckers Can Supplement Their Income by Partnering With a Sales Network

 By Staff Writer

Truckers and owner-operators specifically have their hand full these days with trying to remain competitive as a result of increasing operating costs. However, there is help out there for truckers and trucking companies in general to generate extra cash with hardly any effort.  There is a significant opportunity for truckers to make extra cash by simply referring their trucking friends or even visitors to their websites that are in need of factoring to a Sales Network partner such as

These sales networks pay significant fees to any trucker or trucking company that refers a factoring prospect to them. In return they pay the trucker or trucking company a referral fee every month for as long as the prospect is factoring in good standing with them. This additional income would increase as the prospect's factoring volume increases.

There are several ways trucking companies can participate with a Factoring Sales Network, they would act as an independent contractor and likely without much extra efforts - basically doing what they are doing now.

Some of the tools that the Sales Network will make available include an online factoring application for your website or if the trucking company does not have a website, they will likely provide one for free. Plus, during their normal course of business, truckers, without much efforts, can introduce the Sales Network's trucking factoring services to their customers and friends.  We all can use extra cash, and even better when we don't have to work that much for it.

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