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Haul the higher value loads with gap insurance

 By Staff Writer

Truckers can now look at those higher value loads by adding additional and affordable coverage.  Don't pass on higher value loads just because you don't have the additional insurance coverage on your existing policy.

Most times owner/operators often do not carry enough insurance on their blanket policy to cover high value loads (higher value loads = higher profit margins). High value loads often sit for days with truckers passing it by, simply because they do not have the insurance to cover it.Companies like FreightGuard are a fantastic solution... offering Trucking companies a relatively unknown insurance referred to as 'Single Trip Cargo' or 'Gap' insurance, and now with a simple click on a smart phone or computer, truckers can have the extra coverage they need in less than 2 minutes. This in turn gives truckers access to higher dollar freight cargo, that makes them more money.  But make sure that you go with a company/underwriter that has at least an “A rating”.

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