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Funding for start-up trucking companies

By Staff Writer - Evergreen Content Publishing

You are building your trucking business - bought your first truck, insurance and received your authorization with little amounts of money here and there from family and friends, along with a strong will and firm determination, the hard work paid off, now you have secured your first load, but where is the money coming from for operating and living expenses? In most cases in order to remain competitive you have to invoice your customers on a 10-15 days net, and in some cases the customer may take 30, 60 or 90 days to pay, if you go to the bank for an advance on that freight bill/invoice it is likely that they will say NO.

They want a seasoned well established company with strong financials as a customer.  It is frustrating for startup companies to find the funding they need to operate and grow when banks are constantly saying no.

However, the fact is that there is plenty of money available for startup truckers, and you can get advances on your freight bills/invoices without a lot of paperwork or complicated credit or financial requirements. Contact a freight funding company today to get the simple factoring process started.