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Trucking Companies and The Difference Between Bank and Non-Bank Financing

By Staff Writer - Evergreen Content Publishing

Is there a difference between bank and non-bank financing? Actually yes, there is a big difference between bank and non-bank financing for trucking and transportation companies. Obtaining bank financing for a trucking or transportation company has become a long and uphill struggle.  Banks are focusing on carriers with high earnings, excellent credit history, strong balance sheet and predetermined debt service ratios.

But there's a lot to be said about non-bank asset based lenders and trucking factoring companies, these lenders and factors attract those trucking and transportation borrowers and factoring customers that would not qualify otherwise under normal bank lending standards, which may apply to certain borrowers with high leverage, negative net worth, recent losses, and those faced with fast growth/expansion needs. Under traditional lending guidelines these borrowers would not qualify.

Non-bank lenders in determining the lending criteria of a potential borrower would look at the company's business model, good diversification within the receivables, the basic capabilities of management, and the ability to generate eligible sales.  Even instances were the company has filed for protection under bankruptcy laws, have tax liens or judgments, some factors have been able help. So don't be discourage when your bank says NO!