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U.S.-Canada Freight Flow For January 2014

 By Staff Writer

The U.S Department of Transportation reported on March 27, 2014 on the U.S.-Canada Freight Flow and its impact caused by severe weather in January 2014.

U.S.-Canada freight transportation was impacted heavily by severe weather causing a decline in freight flow and trade for January of 3.4% compared to January 2013. Weather was not much of a factor on U.S.-Mexico trade which rose 3.9% from January of last year.

However, total U.S. NAFTA trade declined 0.2 percent from January 2013 which is attributed to weather impact on the northern border, but U.S.-Canada year-to-year trade by vessel value grew 3.7 percent, and due to an increased in mineral fuel exports vessel freight exports to Canada increased 64.8 percent. In January trade with Canada came in at 52.2 percent of the $49.3 billion of freight carried by trucks, rail followed at 15.1 percent, pipeline at 14.6 percent, vessel at 7.2 percent and air at 4.7 percent. The total U.S.-Canada freight flow carried by trucks, rail and pipeline was 82 percent.

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